Abhijeet Tiwari – 14 SSB Allahabad

Hello everyone, My name is Abhijeet Tiwari . I got recommended for NDA-140 course (Army) with an Air 276 . This was my fourth ssb and that too was in Allahabad in 14 SSB board

Before this I have gone through three ssb one for Nda and two for TES. What I have learnt from my experience of the three ssb's is that a candidate's overall performance matters in a ssb. Don't get disheartened if you are not able to perform well in any of the assessment conducted during the schedule of 5 days .

Confidence is the key to success and if a guy is well confident then he or she will be able to make his way even in difficult situations.

A big rumour of the aspirants is that in psych test the quantity matters but let me make this very clear that it is your quality of thoughts that only matters and not the numbers . I have attempted only 29 srt's and was able to clear . During the personal interview give genuine answer and to the point and don't try to elaborate things unnecessarily. In the GTO series listen to the instructions of the officer carefully even if you know them and be normal and try to explain your plan confidently and make sure that it works . Don't give ideas just to be in the frame of the assessor. Don't be nervous at any point of time . Be in a cool mood and be confident in yourself . All the best ….Jai Hind