Aayush Patil Recommended For Indian Navy in 7th Attempt

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We had a pleasure to have a discussion with Aayush Patil who got recommended by  NSB Visakhapatnam and will soon join INA, Ezhimala.

With a dream of donning the uniform he started appearing for SSB however he got conferrenced out in his first attempt followed by 5 consecutive screen outs.

Eventually he was introduced to Col. Anshu Trivedi, An Ex Deputy President of 24 SSB Bangalore.

When asked how did it helped him, he said, “Col Trivedi made me realize that I am the worst person in the world, and I don’t have any right to live here. He found the flaws and noted down 38 points to improve in myself. Then he gave me guidance on how to overcome all those points.

He told me, the two good qualities in me, my liveliness and communication skills are satisfactory (Not good).

Some of the points of improvement were –

Low confidence.
Low mental stamina.
Causal approach.
Not caring about others’ emotions.
No active listening.
Not applying basic knowledge.
Less knowledge.
Coward or not willing to sacrifice.
Fast speaker.
No manners.
Forgetting things in stressed conditions.
These were a few major ones.

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Now coming to remedies:

1) Observe each and everything carefully and question it.
2) Reading newspaper daily . and making notes of the important affairs.
3) Talk to many girls so I can learn manners and gain confidence.
4) Talk to home daily for 10 minutes. (To improve EQ and responsibility)
5) Do adventurous tasks and take risks. (To increase courage)
6) Do everything seriously. (Follow daily routine religiously)
7) Listen actively.
8) Speak daily in front of a mirror or camera, record and analyse it.
9) Improve in group activities.
10) Check arrogant and naughty nature.

There were so many points where I had to improve myself and I did. Some of them are:

1) Analysing and asking logical questions. (reasoning things like how it works and why it happens)
2) Though I was following ‘The Hindu’ daily earlier but this time, I was curious and followed everything from history and tried to connect them with present issues.
3) I talked to so many (more than 30) random girls in Mysore with an increasing difficulty level. Thanks to the conspiracy of Col. Anshu and Anish it really helped me a lot to increase confidence.
4) I did scuba diving, Leh bike trip (I had 3 near-death experiences), had maiden flight experience, did night camping in Ladakh mountain range (a single camp in the restricted area).
5) Following strict daily routine with daily analysis. (By writing diary daily)
6) Letting others talk more and speak less and with clarity.
7) Talking to home daily to improve EQ.
8) Started playing volleyball in Hyderabad in March. (Helped me in GTO)
9) Adoption of gratitude in my daily life by talking to every person politely and thanking them for their work. (Be it carpenter, cobbler, the room service guy, house cleaner, cook, maid, ticket conductor, driver etc.)
9) Reading books seriously and doing meditation daily.
10) Diary writing to check. my self-progress and areas where I am lacking.

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Additionally I started preparing from SSB OIR Book as I had got screened out in my last 5 attempts. The book has done wonders for me. It has coverage of all the topics i have ever seen in Verbal and Non-verbal test in all boards.
The practice sets and examples cover all the types. Exercise has ample amount of questions for practice. After solving all topics i didn’t find any question new there which gave me confidence to solve it quickly and made it cake walk for me.

When asked what made the difference in this attempt, he said “MINDSET.”

We even asked how did it feel when he heard his chest number after conference, to which he replied:

I can still feel that moment. I will try to put all things.

When I heard chest no 21 I stood up spelled my name and DOB. Everything was blank to me for initial 20 seconds. Candidates were tapping on my back and congratulating me but I was unconscious and walked continuously to podium and was thinking that is it dream or reality. Congratulated two more candidates and thanked to all and gave warm hugs to my group members.

Aayush will soon join the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala.