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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

CDS Crash Course To crack CDS in 60 Days

Start Your Preperations

Shaurya CDS Crash Course is for those students who are looking to Crack Combined Defence Service Examination.

It is surely fruitful for those who have not started preparing yet. The live batch focuses on covering entire syllabus in 60 Days crash course.

However, for those who have already finished preparing for CDS, it is a perfect opportunity for full fledged revision in order to boost their score.

One can enroll today on DDE exams

Merit of CDS Crash Course

Crash course focuses on covering all the basics while laying more emphasis on important topics.

Mathematics is completely based on Fast track method. No question should take more than a minute on average. This is possible only if one knows Tricks apart from understanding of concept. We’ll cover them all in this crash course.

Shaurya Course is also different from Fancy courses you see online. How?

Check this example. Here this website (unnamed), search for this questions on google and you’ll find out many websites blindly following same wrong answers and playing with students future.

Here, you can see the calculator giving you the right answer which is 9 in this case.

Below is the screenshot from live batch of CDS crash course by DDE Exams giving you the right answer in seconds with the help of the tricks

Benefits of learning at DDE Exams

DDE exams provide you the following to strengthen your preparation

  1. Fundamental Questions after every module to test understanding of what has been taught in live batch
  2. Time based fundamental test gives you accuracy of how much time you spend on an average per question
  3. Live chat and comments to interact with other enrolled students and educator
  4. Mock Test of entire CDS Syllabus to check your standing at the end
  5. Google meet session with educators 1 on 1 to clarify doubts and gain more confidence before exams
  6. Analytics of your progress, questions attempted, accuracy, time spent, time based graph tracker makes it much easier for your to keep a track on your learning

Check Live batch of Crash Course

Considering your requests we have priced it as economical as it can get. Take this opportunity to get closer to your dreams.

Make that choice and start today by enrolling in Shaurya CDS 60 Days Crash Course !



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