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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Important Military operations every aspirant should know

Important Military operations every aspirant should know

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Hello folks.

The Indian Armed Forces are one of the world’s most prestigious forces that always volunteer to counter the unrest.

Be it in any friendly neighbors, be it UN Peace Operations, or be it in our own country.

History is evident of Indian Armed Forces to conduct various operations that had culminated the unrest and terrorism.

There are many operations conducted by Indian Armed Forces till date.

So in this blog, we are going to throw some light on some military operations that every aspirant should know about.

Following is a list of Indian Military Operations and its brief details:
Operation Polo 1948:
  • The Operation by Indian Armed Forces was to annex the State of Hyderabad under Union of India.
  • It took place on 13th September 1948 till 18th September 1948.
  • In this operation, the belligerents were Dominion of India and Nizam Army of Hyderabad State.
  • This operation resulted with the decisive victory of India leading to liberation of Hyderabad in India.
Operation Vijay 1961:
  • This Operation was initiated in order to liberate Goa ruled by Portuguese, in the Republic of India.
  • This operation took place from 18th to 19th December 1961.
  • The belligerents were Republic of India and Portugal.
  • The operation resulted in Indian victory and annexation of territories of Goa, Daman, and Dui into India.
Operation Cactus Lilly 1971:
  • This operation was basically conducted by Indian Air Force in East Pakistan (current Bangladesh).
  • This operation took place from 3-16 December 1971.
  • Moreover, the operation was conducted to upthrust the Bangladesh liberation war.
  • The operation resulted in decisive Indian victory which results in raising Bangladesh as a new country in 1971.
Operation Trident 1971:
  • Operation Trident was the first naval offensive operation by India on Pakistan.
  • The operation basically took place on 4th and 5th December 1971, as a part of the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971.
  • During this operation, Indian Navy destroyed a lot of Pakistani Navy’s fleet in Karachi Harbor Port.
  • The operation resulted in decisive Indian Victory, thus to commemorate we celebrate 4th December as the Navy Day.
Operation Meghdoot 1984:
  • The operation was basically conducted by the Indian Armed Forces to capture the Siachen Glacier in Kashmir region.
  • Launched on 13th April 1984, this military operation was unique as the first assault launched in the world’s highest battlefield.
  • Moreover, the operation resulted in Indian victory in the highest battlefield.
  • India holds all of the Siachen Glacier and its tributary glaciers.
Operation Blue Star 1984:
  • The operation was basically launched by the then PM Indira Gandhi, to counter the unrest in the state of Punjab.
  • The operation was led in June 1984.
  • The unrest in Punjab was due to the Sikh Militants operating from Golden Temple, demanding for a separate nation Khalistan.
  • Ultimately, the operation resulted in a termination of all the militants.
Operation Cactus 1988:
  • An operation was launched by the Indian Armed Forces in November 1988.
  • The motive of operation was to provide security and protection to Maldives President M.A. Gayoon, who was under threat from mercenaries.
  • The operation resulted in the termination of the mercenaries by the combined efforts of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.
Operation Rajeev 1987:
  • The operation was basically conducted by the Indian Army in Siachen, J&K to capture the Qaid post under Pakistan.
  • One of the operation team was led by living legend PVC Honorary Captain Bana Singh.
  • The operation ultimately resulted in Indian victory and capturing of Qaid post further naming to ‘Bana post’, named after the brave heart Bana Singh.
Operation Pawan 1987:
  • The Operation was conducted by Indian Peace Keeping Force to counter the LTTE unrest in Sri Lanka.
  • The Operation took place during 11-25 October 1987.
  • The operation was launched during the reign of PM Rajeev Gandhi.
  • Operation results in IPKF victory.
Operation Vijay 1999:
  • The conflict between India and Pakistan in the year 1999 is often referred to as Operation Vijay.
  • It took place between May and July 1999.
  • The cause of the war was the intrusion of Pakistan in India’s posts.
  • The operation resulted in decisive Indian victory leading to regain of the intruded posts.
Operation Safed Sagar 1999:
  • This operation by the Indian Air Force was during the Kargil conflict of 1999.
  • The main aim of this operation was to assist the ground troops during operation Vijay.
  • The Air Forces provided the necessary support by bombing tough points and also ensuring supplies.
Operation Talwar 1999:
  • This operation refers to the deployment of Naval fleets in the North Arabian Sea during Kargil conflict 1999.
  • This operation was to upthrust the Operation Vijay and to show the naval power.
  • The operation played a crucial role in Indian Victory.
Operation Parakram 2001:
  • This operation was launched on 13th December 2001.
  • Basically, the operation was initiated after the Indian Parliament attacks.
  • Thousands of Indian troops were deployed along the Indo-Pak border.
  • It is the largest military exercise operation carried by any Asian country.
Operation Black Tornado 2008:
  • The operation was launched by the NSG commandos during 26/11 attacks in Mumbai 2008.
  • It was an operation including terrorist termination as well as hostage rescuing.
  • The operation resulted in the elimination of all the 9 terrorists.
  • The operation is credited to 51 and 52 Special Action Group of the NSG.
BlogsImportant Military operations every aspirant should know
BlogsImportant Military operations every aspirant should know


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