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Saturday, July 2, 2022

How to crack AFCAT easily everytime [Planning & blueprint]

How to crack AFCAT easily every-time

Planning, Blueprint and more

Start Your Preperations

Aspirants can write AFCAT exam  twice a year, one in the month of august while other in the month of February.

Clck here to learn every detail about afcat exam.

Every year lacs of students appear for AFCAT however only a few are able to clear it. Out of them a small number manages to get recommended from AFSB’s. Today we will see how one can approach to AFCAT exam and crack it easily almost everytime.

Before we begin let’s look at the overall structure of AFCAT

English 25 Questions 75 Marks
Static G.K 20 Questions 60 Marks
Current affairs 5 Questions 15 Marks
Mathematics 18 Questions 54 Marks
Reasoning 32 Questions 96 Marks

As of now, the current affairs were not asked for couple of previous attempts. It is because the process of conducting the exams went from offline to online and therefore to avoid any further delay in preparation of question paper current affairs were being excluded. They however are expected to be asked from AFCAT 2 2019. Lastly, if you wish to take no chance for the current affairs portion then you may get these. “Current affairs revision notes jan to November 2019” for AFCAT 1 2019 exams.

Now let’s begin with English.

How to prepare for AFCAT English 

Topics Marks
Antonym & Synonym 3-4 Questions
Spellings 3-4 Questions
Idioms and phrases 3-4 Questions
Error detection 4-5 Questions
Passage 5 Questions
Cloze test 4-5 Questions
Miscellaneous 6 Questions

First things first, you need to have good grammar to face error detection and cloze test. In order to battle with idioms and phrases, antonym synonym you have to have a good source of study material to rely. Further, spellings and passage is all about consistent practicing. In general whatever be your source just focus on practicing more and more spellings & passage exercises. In AFCAT – the first step book you will find Relevant interesting Introductory notes followed by large number of practice exercises. Also, It has descriptive coverage of the topics mentioned above.

Lastly, you must aim of scoring 54 Marks in English by hook or by crook.

How to prepare for AFCAT GK

Next, comes the Most crucial factor of AFCAT. General knowledge is the deciding key for many aspirants, it can either make your day or ruin overall marks. You need to have hands on Good reliable static G.K content. Before we talk about the source, lets begin with the details of General Knowledge portion

Topics Marks
History 8-9 Questions
Geography 6-7 Questions
Science 4-5 Questions
Constitution 3-4 Questions
Sports 2-3 Questions
Economics & culture 0-1 Questions
Defence 0-1 Questions
current affairs 0-5 Questions

Now, to cover each of these topics you don’t have to practice MCQ’s first. Just 200-300 MCQs will seem equivalent to 60-80 pages and you will assume you have already read a lot for GK. This is the basic misconception among students because books available in market are made that way. They are made with the purpose to make them look stuffed and saleable without even thinking about the relevance of content. Static G.K notes should be one liners so that you start grasping everything quickly. It also helps at the time of revision. Only after you are done with good amount of one liners, you can proceed with the MCQs. Further, from student point of view static G.K should be categorized. Every topic should first begin with relevant notes followed by relevant MCQs.

In AFCAT the first step book, content is prepared in similar way. It has almost 1000 most important one liners and close to 700 MCQs of paramount importance. Now, these aren’t just any junk, these are crafted and hand picked in such a way that you can expect couple of direct MCQs in your exam. Moreover, the notes will help you rule out the odd options and further pave your way to the correct answer.

You must aim to score 42 Marks in GK

How to prepare for AFCAT Mathematics
Topics Marks
Work & Time 3-4 Questions
Time & Distance 3-4 Questions
Average 2-3 Questions
Percentage 2-3 Questions
Simple and compound interest 4-5 Questions
Ratio and proportion 1-2 Questions
Profit and loss 2-3 Questions
Simplification & Decimal fraction 1-0 Questions

You have to understand that everyone is competing to get things done quickly. Therefore, you cannot adhere to your old tradition of solving the questions in step by step format taking almost 2 minutes per questions. This way you are at liability losing excess time on a paper where every question rewards with equal marks.

You have to solve mathematics in a smart way. First get to know the Types and sub types of questions asked. Solve couple of variants of those types and sub types. Most of all you have to be aware of the short-cut tricks of solving questions which fetches you the answer within seconds. Below is a glimpse of how short cut tricks helps solving questions within a matter of seconds.

AFCAT the first step book is loaded with such short cut tricks. Also, every chapter is divided into types and sub types that gives you a clear insight on the same. Lastly, every chapter has lots of solved practice questions at the end to make you competent enough for AFCAT

Coming to the number of questions to attempt, one MUST score at least 42 marks in mathematics section.

How to attempt Reasoning in AFCAT

To begin with, AFCAT reasoning has a following division.

Topics Marks
Embedded reasoning 4-5 Questions
Venn diagram 4-5 Questions
Dot situation 4-5 Questions
Mirror image 4-5 Questions
Series 4-5 Questions
Odd one out – Figure 4-5 Questions
Odd one out – Words 3-4 Questions
Analogy 3-4 Questions
Missing figure 2-3 Questions
Figure formation 1-2 Questions
Figure matrix 1-2 Questions
Paper folding 0-1 Questions

Every topic should begin with clarity of introduction, approach and example followed by practice questions. Practicing lots of exercises will make you comfortable to answer embedded reasoning, venn diagram, dot situation, mirror image, missing figure, series, figure formation and figure matrix.

Talking about odd one out – (words), it involves general knowledge. Therefore, you not only need to solve the MCQs rather understand with explanation as to why it is odd among the options. It will add up to your knowledge base and you will be in a better position to rule out odd options in future. Same logic goes to analogies.

AFCAT the first step has taken care of all this, be it introduction, approach, practice questions, descriptive solutions and more.

Every student writing the AFCAT exam and having conscious mind is capable of scoring in Reasoning section. This is the section which decides how far you can stretch your final score. Unless you are sure about odd one & analogies, we recommend you to answer all the Questions in reasoning section. One should aim of scoring at least 75 marks in this section.

This way you can easily crack AFCAT with a good total score of 213 which will be way above the cut off. Generally, scoring above 170 keeps you in a safer side with perspective of Merit list. It is certain that if you have completed this book (including the recent previous year question papers inside) by investing a good amount of time then you can consider attaining a decent total score.

Final advice for those who always look for suggestions as to which section they should start from.
  • You should start your AFCAT paper with Mathematics section. It is because with the abundance of time you won’t mess up with any silly mistake to regret.
  • Next, you should strike reasoning. It is because if you hurry you will mess up visual figures. You have to choose options carefully from the screen and hence give reasoning the worthy time.
  • Then you have to start with English, By now you would have easily taken 1 hour & 10 minutes and you will take 20 more minutes to finish English.
  • Lastly, there is roughly 25-30 minutes remaining and you have G.K left. This is an asset for you because if you know the answer you will mark it and if you don’t you will move ahead. Within a matter of 20 minutes, you will be done with G.K section.
  • Take those last 10 minutes to revise anything left over. Refrain from noting down questions in your rough sheet to share with others after your exam. It will do no good. You will automatically get the questions when people will discuss it over social media.

You can get your copy of AFCAT the first step in both Book as well as eBook format

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Lastly, it is your overall preparation which will make you a “CUT ABOVE”



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