11 Factors Observed By GTO During Group Discussion

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Read these 11 factors observed by GTO during Group Discussion for better performance in SSB Interview. It is the first task in the GTO series. Two GDs are conducted back to back and since, this is the first task, it offers the candidate’s a chance to create their first good impression on the GTO. The basic fundamentals that you must keep in your mind while participating in GDs even for PPDT or GPE will remain the same.

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11 factors observed by GTO during group discussion:

  1. Your information level and GK is seen through the content of your views.
  2. Your ability to support your views with logical and meaningful arguments.
  3. How organized is your thought process.
  4. Your ability to express your views with complete clarity and ease. The same will only happen if you have the abilities given in the first three points.
  5. Your social attributes are seen through the way you engage others in the discussion.
  6. How tactful are you in dealing with difficult and group disruptive characters in the group.
  7. How balanced are your views about the socio-economic and geo-political environment of our society.
  8. Your self-confidence and energy level is observed.
  9. What kind of impact (negative or positive) are you creating on the others in the group is observed.
  10. Your ability to withstand, and gracefully bounce back, from the setbacks received through counter arguments given by others.
  11. Your mental stamina to remain continuously visible in a positive manner in the GD is seen.




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